About Us

The Northern District of California Blog has two staff writers.

Michael O'Brien is a patent attorney in Northern California for the Law Office of Michael O'Brien.  He specializes in Electro-mechanical devices and is active in the academic community publishing articles that have appeared in the Journal of Law Philosophy & Culture, the AIPLA Antitrust Newsletter and the legal blog Above the Law.  You can contact him here.

Amy Lewis is a financial writer from Carson City, Nevada who maintains an incredible blog: The Financial Corner.

While Michael handles patent cases, if you are need of legal assistance, you should probably contact someone who handles that kind of case in your area.  For example:

DUI Defense in Virginia.
Personal Injury in New Mexico.
Tax in Texas.
Criminal Defense in Florida.
Estate Planning in Missouri.
Personal injury in Connecticut.
Family Law in Florida.
Family Law in California.
Mass Torts in Florida.


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