Monday, September 6, 2010

Judge dismisses action against Charles Manson for implanting a video game into someone's brain

Have you ever had a day where Ortiz S. Herron put a "brain video game" into your head to "change retired ownership and possibly frame former pure manson with murder"? Or maybe one where Igcor implanted a "racial bulb in [your] brain."  Perhaps, Charles Manson himself, "possibly [put a] video game in [your] brain."

Me either, but that's essentially, what Katri Riley-Lee complains Herron, Igcor and Manson did.  Judge Susan Illston sent the case to magistrate judge Elizabeth LaPorte who filed a report asking the case be dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.  On Wednesday, Judge Illston approved the report and dismissed the case.

The cases are Katri Riley-Lee v. Herron, No. C 10-2397, Katri Riley-Lee v. Igcor et al., No. C 10-2399, and Katri Riley-Lee v. Manson et al., No. C 10-2400 and the Magistrate's report is below the jump.

Here is the Magistrate's Report:
Riley Lee v. Herron Et Al

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