Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Northern California software programmer successfully pleads fraud claim against RLW Analytics

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On Wednesday, Judge Maxime Chesney allowed a software programmer's fraud claim to proceed into discovery in a licensing dispute with RLW Analytics.

According to court documents, William Koperwhats alleges that RLW Analytics provided him a list of users of software that he was willing to license to them and that it, instead, distributed that software to a larger number of people.  Mr. Koperwhats claimed that he relied on he accuracy of the list in determining a price and that RLW defrauded him by giving the software to a larger number of people.  This blog has previously explained the difficulties of proving fraud.  However, Mr. Koperwhat's software fared better than bmmsoft's because of his well pleaded complaint.

The Case is KEMA v. Koperwhats, No. C 09-1587 and the opinion is below the jump.

Here is the opinion:
KEMA v. Koperwhats

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